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some things cant be photographed.

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so make room next to your little backstreet poster. cuz bow wows here. YA HEARDDD? [Sep. 7th, 2004|10:36 am]
some things cant be photographed.
[music |LIL BOW WOW. (featuring snoop dogg.)]

i slept a lot last night. and i was totally paranoid that my alarm wouldnt go off. so i probably didnt even sleep the last two hours.

sociology was boring today. my mind was wandering hardcore though. so its probably my fault. i have a little homework to do. a little studying. stuff i probably just wont do because it doesnt seem to be my style as of late.

i feel awfully lively. its nice. but then again...thats what that rap music does to me.

i not only got my car fixed, but i also got headlights and a stupid radio. it gets one station. not that meridian has many to choose from ANYWAY. atleast i can play my ghetto cd player out of the car speakers now...maybe.

it feels SO good outside. its AMAZING. like i want to make out with nature. right now.

i have algebra at twelve. that class always go by super fast even though its one hour and twenty minutes and it usually runs over. i cant decide if i want to go swimming at two or go get a job at some thrift stores. ill probably do the thrift store thing. then to work. fun fun fun.

see ya.
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so i lit the fire. isnt it good. norwegian wood. [Sep. 6th, 2004|03:16 pm]
some things cant be photographed.
[mood |curiouscurious]
[music |the beatles.]

so yesterday i sat around being sick and whatnot. then i sat around waiting for sam to go to the picnic. finally called her house. her mom said she was meeting michael at bam. so i was like. ummm. i finally got a hold of her. i guess there was miscommunication. and she said she'd be on her way. i told her there really wasnt a point in her coming. esp. if she didnt want to. but she insisted. so whatever. i felt kind of bad about that. we went and got harrased by father sunds and whatever whatever. left. went to bam. i got pretty much ignored and felt horrible. must have looked it too. because people that actually DID acknowledge me said i looked bad. (thanks) miranda sat in a corner with james. and i waved once i realized who is was. she just looked at me. story of my lifeee. sam told me she'd take me to bonita so i could swing. (basically the only reason i went to the picnic and then they were broken)i guess she forgot about me or just didnt want to go so she avoided me. either way she never took me. and i sat by myself until i finally told her to take me home. the next words were "bye".

then i came home and things got interesting...i ended up staying awake until like...four soemthing in the morning? ah who cares.

my sister left this afternoon. i refused to wake up to say bye.

i need my mom to call to get me some more of that medicine for my teeth. they hurt like crazy lately. and i took the last two last night. those things...those things make me funny.

my nose keeps bleeding. rahhh. sinuses rock.

im pretty lonely and bored right now. i just want to hang.
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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2004|04:56 pm]
some things cant be photographed.
Carue2004 [4:54 PM]: GOD my family is playing some game. and theyre ephing loud.
blue[4:55 PM]: hm
blue[4:55 PM]: you dont know what they are playing?
Carue2004[4:55 PM]: theyre playing spoon...
Carue2004 [4:55 PM]: s.
blue[4:55 PM]: the card game?
Carue2004 [4:55 PM]: no. like literally. theyre spooning.
Carue2004 [4:55 PM]: YES. the card game.
blue [4:56 PM]: aw
Carue2004 [4:56 PM]: im about to put that in my journal.
Carue2004 [4:56 PM]: because that. that=funny.
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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2004|04:40 pm]
some things cant be photographed.
and i couldnt be MORE down...
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(no subject) [Sep. 5th, 2004|10:55 am]
some things cant be photographed.
yesterday i laid around. then me+micael+sam went to sams house and watched good will hunting. i curled sams hair. went to the mall. got annoyed with the huge amount of people there. went to taco bell to eat. i wasnt hungry/nothing tasted right due to my sinuses. so that just sucked. then we went to bam. and i sat with a bunch of people that all they could do was sit and talk about people. theyre way over judgmental and it was just pissing me off. i mean who in their right mind sits and just stares at a group of people through a window and talks about them for fifteen minutes or more. god thats so retarded. and theyre "the most christian people i know". RAHHH. then sam brought me home. on the way we talked about stuff. it was kind of weird. i mean, sam and i just never talk about guys. i guess it was cool though. we decided to move to tennesse. and i went to sleep. the end. bye bye.
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(no subject) [Sep. 4th, 2004|09:46 am]
some things cant be photographed.
i wish i had a car. woops wait. i forgot to mention that my car broke down. OF COURSE. duh. i mean, why wouldnt it break down?

yesterday i woke up with my throat and lungs just hurting like crazy. more like my throat was really scratchy. not really hurting. my lungs still kind of hurt. and now my throat does hurt. weee. im hoping it was all that smoke at dollar bills or something. and it will go away soon. why is that place called dollar bills?

so yesterday i go to school.yadda yadda. i come home. i was super tired from two hours of sleep. so i just sat there on the couch. i actually wanted to fall asleep. i was like screw going to bonita to see shows. but eventually it became fivepm. sooo. i got in my car to leave. right after i crank up the car, my mom comes up the drive way. i roll down the window to tell her there is something wrong with my car. then all of the sudden it cuts off. then i crank it back up again. cuts off. then i TRY to crank it back up. but it wont. so. my mom took me to bonita.

i talked to someone i hadnt talked to in a LONG time. i now think i know why too. that was pretty cool. it made me feel a lot better about stuff.

then everyone just sat around waiting for people to play. robbie informed me of his better silly putty molding abilities. (yeah righttt) then finally people play. sam and patrick go to get me a little taco bell and apparently them a little sonic. i got worrieddd. they were gone for so long. and it was raining pretty harshly and well, sam drives fast. so yeah. then justin wouldnt leave me the crap alone to i poured my entire drink that i had only had two sips of, all over him. i was informed that was hardcore. whatever. it doesnt matter. he wouldnt leave me alone the whole night after numerous "leave me alones" and pushing him away. ugh.

eventually i eat my burrito. and i got pulled into a bad mood some how. so i just sat there eating. i didnt feel like eating. but i paid the money so i just did. then sam took me home.

i come home to find my computer has been comppletely erased of anything that was on it. i wasnt even given the chance to save anything to disk.

eventually i go to sleep. still soaking wet from the rain.

i wake up this morning and no one is here but my mom.

"where is everyone"

"they went to jackson to see claire. is that okay?"

"no, actually its not. why wasnt i invited? granted they going to see claire, who i see anyway, but it would have been with my sister who i NEVER see and have hardly seen the whole time shes been here..." (iwasntfinished)

"well you were asleep"

"well i was asleep? are you kidding me? you wake me up on a SCHOOL day when you KNOW i went to bed really late to ask me a stupid petty question but any other you WONT wake me up?"

then. then the screaming started. i didnt scream of course. because i cant ephing stand the stuff. esp. in the morning. esp with her. because all she does it just start feeling really sorry for herself. and she sits and pouts. and fake cries until i say "stop feeling sorry for yourself" and walks away. its so retarded. ugh.

oh yeah. and there was talk...or screaming about how im so ungrateful about my computer? excuse me? i didnt once ask anyone to fix my computer, minus rus and sams dad. which neither really did. and i sure didnt ask anyone to DELETE everything on my computer.

ugh. back to the "i wish i had a car" thing. i want to leave this place. god. thatd be bliss.
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(no subject) [Sep. 3rd, 2004|09:03 pm]
some things cant be photographed.
ugh. ugh. ugh. im in such a bad mood. i just came home to find out that someone just freaking deleted everything on my entire computer. because my MOM said it was okay. HELLO. its MY computer, not hers...not anyone elses. oh my god. my ephing soren is gone, along with everything else. i=mad.
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this all was only wishful thinking. [Sep. 3rd, 2004|01:36 am]
some things cant be photographed.
[mood |sleepysleepy tired.]

yo michael. MAN I THOUGHT I HAD FRIENDS. HAHA. just kidding.

mmmhmmm. after school sam and i came to my house. i fooled with course compass some MORE. we went to dres' house. then to sonic for a grape cream slush. MMM. then to drop sam off. then to work. after work i went to my moms place of employment and tried course compass AGAIN. WELL its a piece of crap. end of story. kinda. so i have two questions left. and i was already late to meet sam and michael at bam. sooo i drive home to get money/change piercings/pee/brush teeth and then to bam in like thirty minutes. record time.

after a while we go to dollar bills. it was weird at first. sam and i giggled like seven year olds and dances around to nelly furtado (sp) fun fun fun. then we go to wendys to get her french fries. aparently i cant drive because i kept spinning out/swearving/braking way too hard. it was pretty funny. i dont know what my problem was. too much drink and not enough food perhaps. then we go BACK to dollar bills. hollowell does their thing for a while. then people start pouring in. so. we go outside for a while. eventually i realize its 1115 and my course compass is due at 12. so i call my dad to tell him step by step instructions on what to do. hes dumb and couldnt even figure out how to double click the mouse. so eventually i ask sam to take me home so i can do it. on the way i called my dad and was like "restart the computer before i get there". i get home...the computers OFF. by this time there is only 15 minutes left. sooo it takes forever to boot up. then forever to sign online. then im half way about to be able to turn it in. and then bam. my internet cuts off. eventually i turned it in. incomplete of course. sam and michael take me to my car at bam.

then i go back to dollar bills. why? not a clue. except that i just didnt want to be at home/ still dont want to be at home. i sat in the back on the couch for the most part. i went around front when they werent playing country songs. suddenly this guy comes up to me. and im thinking hes just going to stand there. but no. nooo. on and on, about the SAME thing. over and over. "cousin clantons in a band. wretched flamingo. i bet you dont know them. you know mike? (i got asked the mike thing six times.) whats your name? how old are you? drinking tonight? go to college? where do you go to college?" most of those things were asked in excess. finally two girls come up to him and start talking to him. and i just made a run for it. literally. oh yeah. he kept leaning on me too. i just kept imagining him falling on top of me on the ground. eee.

eventually it was over. yadda yadda. here i am. my bladder hurts like ephing crazy. i have english homework and a test to study for in speech. i say screw it. which is exactly what i said i WOULDNT do this year... go me.
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i should have know better than to cheat a friend and waste a chance that ive been given. [Sep. 2nd, 2004|11:21 am]
some things cant be photographed.
[mood |awakelively.]
[music |WHAM!]

theres no comfort in the truth. pain is all youll find.

i thought about going to dollar bills to see hollowell. but i doubt im wanted there/ i have a test to study for+more algebra homework. and ive still got another class to go to at twelve and work at three forty-five. and i have to take sam home before work. well i dont have to, i just told her i would because her car broke down or something. we had a pop test today in sociology. i got one out of five right. because i ALWAYS doubt myself and change my answers. ive really got to stop doing that. surveyCollapse )

you put the boom boom into my heart.


i love you.
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(no subject) [Sep. 1st, 2004|07:40 pm]
some things cant be photographed.
aw man. i ephing give up on this stupid course compass crap. its the biggest load of crap ever. college=stupidx333.
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